The Biomarker Challenge

Biomarkers’ discovery is an area becoming increasingly important in research and industry, giving rise to new areas of diagnostic and treatment, and could form the foundation for new innovative drivers for both researchers, enterprises and SMEs.

According to “Biomarkers Market - Global Forecast to 2020” the global biomarkers market expects to reach a market share of $45.55 Billion by 2020 of which healthcare and R&D expenditure are the key growth drivers.

Nonetheless, the challenges for market uptake of these innovations are significant, as the development and commercialization of biomarkers is time consuming, difficult and expensive.

Another challenge is to involve industry (Pharmaceutical and diagnostic enterprises, SMEs, investors) much earlier in the development and commercialization process of biomarkers, while research institutions need guidance to select the most relevant biomarker discoveries and conduct a development plan that meets early requirements from relevant industry partner.

The project

The main object of BiC is the development of a platform that provides new tools to support the different phases of a new commercialization process, assessing the maturity level, emphasizing the industry expectations.

The BiC tools will include:

  • a Biomarker Development Tool
  • a Screening and Selection Guide
  • a Framework for Technology Translation into clinical setting
  • Business Model Templates
  • BSR Biomarker Platform
  • Technology presentation and match making tools

Through these tools, the downstream pathway from research, validation, development to the market, co-created with industry, are defined. Likewise, industry is provided with an incentive for engaging in biomarkers at a much earlier phase or pave the way for successful spinouts.

The commercialization tools developed during BiC will be tested, verified and adjusted in at least 9 pilots based on biomarker projects.

By enabling better and more efficient commercialization of biomarkers, the overall output of BiC will contribute in improving realization and competitiveness of biomarkers discoveries within BSR and long term, it will benefit the end users – the hospitals and the patients.

The platform and the tools will be transnationally available via Scanbalt Business Club after the end of BiC- the BSR Interreg project.

The partnership

The consortium comprises 9 partners from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). It consists of innovation units localized in research institutions, including hospitals, and relevant cluster organisations, representing and including SMEs within the health diagnostic, pharma and med tech field. All the partners are highly experienced in supporting the commercialization of biomarker projects.

The research related dimension will be represented by:

  • Ideklinikken (The University Hospital of Aalborg), Denmark) who is project leader for the consortium
  • The University of Turku (FI)
  • The University of Vilnius (LT)

Representing the cluster organizations

  • Biopeople (DK)
  • BioCon Valley (D)
  • Turku Science Park (FI)
  • Tartu Biotechnology Park (EE)
  • Wroclaw Technology Park (PL)
  • ScanBalt covering the BSR

Do you want to learn more about BIC and its outputs?

Do you want to learn more about BIC and its outputs?BIC project & outputs.pdf

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BIC consortium meets in Turku

BIC consortium meets in Turku

BiC Advisory Board Members

Alain van Gool, RadboudUMC

Amine Marouf, Kurma Partners

Catalina Lopez Corea, Genome British Columbia

Henrik Krarup, Aalborg University Hospital

Isabella Gashaw, Bayer

Niklas Sandler, Åbo Academy University

Ole Pless, Fraunhofer IME-SP

Palle Høy Jacobsen, EIT Health Skandinavian

Per B. Andersen, Astra Zeneca

Peter Bauer, Centogene

Peter Olesen, ActiFoods

Simon Turner, Nomis Life Sciences

Tom Stahlberg, Healthtech Finland

Uwe Völker, Universitätsmedizin Greifswald




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