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Feasibility, clinical need, market size

Be aware of 3 central questions!

Discovery of biomarkers, which measure cellular, biochemical, or molecular changes in human tissues, cells, or fluids, is becoming increasingly important in research and industry, giving rise to new areas of diagnostic and treatment thereby improving human health.

In any applications of biomarkers, the clinical benefit and the analytical and diagnostic accuracy of the biomarker are crucial to enable efficient translation from the discovery to the use in the real-life settings.

From a commercialization perspective, successful IP protection, competitiveness with existing or alternative solutions, as well as fluent interaction and collaboration between the academia, industry and end users form the other three cornerstones of successful biomarker commercialization.

When commercializing an invention, 3 central questions should always be answered positively:

  • Does your invention address a clinical need?
  • Is it technically feasible to address this need?
  • Is the market large or the demand high enough for your invention?

Remember, commercialization is the aim. IP, regulatory and technical features of the product are all meant to serve the goal of creating a commercially viable product. Patents, regulatory certifications, and tech features are a business tool to help you build a business.


The Story continues...

BIC BRIDGE is based on the project main outputs and results from BiC – Biomarker Commercialization. Thanks to the regular project, the BiC consortium managed to tackle specific challenges from the biomarker development and commercialization field.

BIC BRIDGE serves not only to improve the outputs delivered in the original project but also to a whole new set of activities aiming at increasing the scope of the tools and broadening the target groups, as well as increasing usability, sustainability and impact, through

  • Commercialization and regulatory guidedance in advanced stages of development
  • Practical conversation of the Biomarker Commercialization Guide
  • Educational Training Toolbox
  • Increase visibility and awareness.