Interviews with investors

The biomarker market is developing, there is a lack of information in investment chain and difficulties convincing the industry, Biomarkers invention are definitively not addressing business angels and we should communicate that to researchers very early.

Economy and reimbursement:

  • vital importance of ROI
  • high costs of patent process
  • The amount of investment depends on investor’s size and profile: (from 10000 euro to couple of millions of euro).
  • investment in biomarker is incomparably cheaper than investment in pharma
  • pharma could go to be more interested in biomarker’s field, if they source funds from public sector (~50% of investment).
  • main patent areas: U.K, Germany, France, Japan, USA. Investors nowadays consider also China and India.
  • big companies are not interested in the project at early stage of development, so potential investor should be prepared to address the regulatory challenges.
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