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BIC - A consortium to assist biomarkers reach their full potential

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region program is uniquely distinct by bringing together regions and cities that are located in different countries EU and neighbouring countries with shared geography, history, and culture to tackle the most pressing needs of their populations together.

Therefore, the BIC BRIDGE consortium comprises 9 partners from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and beyond. It consists of innovation units localized in research institutions, cluster organisations, SMEs and European Research Infrastructure Consortium within the health diagnostic, pharma and med tech field.

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Partner Projects

Bridging gaps between national and EU-wide initiatives

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region program is dedicated to actions strengthening the ability of the Baltic Sea Region to create and commercialise innovation. It aims at increasing the capacity of the public sector as an innovation driver and enhancing innovation uptake by SMEs. Thematically, one focus lies on utilisation of the potentials of existing and planned research and innovation infrastructures.

Additionally, this transnational programm are well-suited to provide targeted solutions bridging gaps between national and EU-wide initiatives.

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to point out a few projects, initiatives and opportunities that are already being cooperated with in the BIC BRIDGE project. This will ensure that the results of the project are and remain visible in the program region and throughout Europe in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.