Off into an exciting year 2020


Written bySusan Raths (Ph.D.)

For the new year, great things are coming to a head. The BIC Consortium has a number of plans until the end of the project in autumn 2020.

The results of the project's work will soon lead to visible results here on the project website. For example, the BIC Best Practice Handbook will be published, which you can then find on our BIC homepage. In addition, the BIC MasterTool, which is currently in the test phase, will be available on our homepage after its revision. It is designed to make the process of biomarker commercialization more transparent and to increase the probability of successful commercialization by compiling the necessary technical, clinical, economic and regulatory steps. Already in January, the results of the first half of the test phase of the BIC MasterTool will be discussed with the participants and possible revisions will be discussed at a joint meeting in Copenhagen. In addition, the BIC ReviewTool for TTOs will be presented to selected business developers and its content will be discussed in terms of its usefulness in order to provide a handbook with valuable information by the end of the project. In this way, TTOs and business developers will be able to better evaluate current and future biomarker projects in terms of their commercial viability. And last but not least, the BIC RegulatoryGuide will offer useful information for the commercialization of biomarker findings as InVitro diagnostics according to the new European IVD regulation.

We are looking forward to these exciting tasks and further cooperations in the year 2020 and would like to thank all friends, supporters and "test rabbits" who have contributed to our progress towards successful biomarker commercialization.

The entire BIC Consortium wishes you a successful and healthy new year 2020!

Stay tuned!

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