Biofit 2019 was a very successful event for BIC dissemination


Written byTero Piispanen

At this event there were more than 1300 participants representing some 900 different organisations, mostly from SMEs, but also regional clusters and bigger companies were present.

We, partners from Turku Science Park and Ideklinikken, had a small 6m2 booth of our own just beside the conference entrance, where everybody saw us first.

At Biofit 2019, we had altogether 20 pre-agreed partnering meetings with companies, clusters and research institutes interested in biomarker development. Moreover we met at the exhibition area with several French and German clusters and discussed about the BiC project and the tools it has developed.

The overall feedback was overwhelmingly positive; many companies were enthusiastic about the MasterTool and told us that this is exactly what the indusry has wanted for several years, and they were amazed that nobody had developed a tool like the MT before. Also some clusters (like Atlanpole) asked for the Master Tool to be sent to them already in its preliminary phases.

We also tested a preliminary version of a biomarker catalogue elaborated by partners from Turku, and got valuable feedback for that.

Read more about the BioFit 2019.

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