Battling COVID-19 in Finland


Breakthrough in the development of an automated coronavirus point-of-care test by ArcDia International Ltd.

The Finnish medical device manufacturer ArcDia International Ltd, one of the companies participating in evaluating the biomarker commercialization tool created by Interreg BIC (Biomarker Commercialization) project, reported significant progress in the development of their automated COVID-19 point-of-care test for the mariPOC® platform.

“We have shown, in collaboration with Finnish national health authorities, that our test identifies the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 efficiently and accurately in patient samples”, says Dr. Janne Koskinen, Head of R&D at ArcDia. “We have completed the product development project in record time. We can launch a fast and accurate mariPOC® test which is affordable and available for rapid and decentralized testing”, Koskinen continues.

The new coronavirus test will be included in ArcDia’s existing Respi test panel, which identifies 11 common pathogens. “This will also enable a diagnosis and appropriate treatment for patients with a viral or bacterial disease other than COVID-19. In addition, a product targeting just COVID-19 will be available to allow testing of large populations. A single bench-top analyser can automatically analyse 300 COVID-19 samples a day”, says Vesa Kemppainen, ArcDia’s CEO.

mariPOC® is the market leader in automated testing of respiratory tract infections in Finland. Because of its ease of use and short time to results, mariPOC® is ideal for decentralized rapid testing of acute infections in primary care and emergency clinics. The test results are automatically collected in ArcDia’s mariCloudTM service, providing a comprehensive and real-time epidemiological picture for the use of authorities and health care professionals. Such data will allow optimization of quarantine measures.

ArcDia International Oy Ltd develops, manufactures and markets mariPOC® worldwide. The company in Turku, Finland, was founded in 2008 and employs 29 professionals. mariPOC® products enable central laboratory level quality, performance and pathogen coverage for primary health and emergency care units.

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