The BIC Guide


The BIC Guide should provide guidance throughout the biomarker development process and should be a tool to monitor the progress of the biomarker development process actively.

In the web version of the guide, you will have access to the phases and tasks of the biomarker commercialization that were identified through the feedback from biomarker developing company representatives, biomarker developing scientists, investors and other stakeholders. The tasks are described and partially supported by useful, downloadable documents. The tool addresses analytical and clinical topics, as well as commercial and regulatory topics in the biomarker field.

The BIC Guide is available in a web version. During the current pilot phase it will be only accessible with an individual account. After the pilot phase and after the integration of feedback and comments the tool will be free accessible for everyone.


The first version of the BIC Guide is currently in the pilot phase. With the support of a subset of the general intended target groups, we aim to improve the tool through a wider range of user experience and to collect feedback and suggestions for improvements.

The pilot phase is planned to be finished in early spring. After the revision of the BIC Guide it will be finally available at the end of summer 2020.

BIC Guide
BIC Guide

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